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Charles T. McDowell Center for Critical Languages and Area Studies Scholarships

McDowell Center Scholarship Information

The Charles T. McDowell Center for Critical Languages and Area Studies offers the Betty and Roger Ruch Study-abroad Scholarships. These competitive awards for up to $2,000 are open to all qualified undergraduates and can be used in disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts and other component parts of the University of Texas at Arlington. These awards are to be used in conjunction with study-abroad programs - particularly those focused on critical languages - but also for area studies generally.

Modern Languages Endowed Scholarship

The Modern Languages Endowed Scholarship was established by a bequest from Mateo Vargas in 1992. The award(s) is/are intended for undergraduate students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in a Modern Language at the University of Texas at Arlington. The award is to be used in the fall and spring semester.


All scholarship applications can be found on the Mav ScholarShop Please be aware that specific scholarship opportunities are only listed when they are active. When the scholarship is open for application you will find the information listed under the Department of Modern Languages Endowed Scholarship.

Approximate Deadlines

(see Mavs ScholarShop for exact dates)
  • Fall Deadline: Novemeber 15
  • Spring Deadline: March 31

Financial Aid

Students seeking financial aid while attending UTA should read the UTA Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Web site  and contact financial aid advisors to help in obtaining scholarships and financial aid while attending UTA.