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Mara Vaughn

Portugese Coordinator

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Why Study Portuguese?


  • Brazil’s economy ranks #1 in Latin America and #7 in the world.

  • Brazil is the world’s leader in many sectors, including: soy bean exports; reduction of carbon emission; reduction of environmental degradation; medical cosmetic surgery procedure. Brazil plays a major role in many fields, including: bio-fuel utilization; hydro-electric power production; renewable energy engineering. Brazil top exports include: orange juice, sugar, corn, poultry, beef, coffee, wood, cellulose, as well as petroleum.

  • Brazil’s booming businesses include: Agriculture; Beauty products specialized for the Afro-Brazilian consumers; Sports; Real Estate; Tourism.

  • The National Security Education Program considers Portuguese a critical language, relevant for the U.S. economic competitiveness.

  • Portuguese is spoken by, approximately, 220 million native speakers. Portuguese is listed as 6th most spoken language in the world.