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Listed below are the course numbers and descriptions for courses being offered in Fall 2016 and Spring 2016.

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Russian Courses • Spring 2016

RUSS 2313/2314 • Russian Immersion III & IV

Continued immersion in the culture and language of Russian-speaking countries. Application of strategies and technology in mastering listening, speaking, reading, and writing at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: RUSS 1442 with a grade of C or better.

RUSS 3306 • 20th-century Russian Literature in Translation

The works of major Soviet and post-Soviet authors from 1917 to the present against the background of unfolding social and political development in the USSR and post-USSR. May be repeated for credit as topics and periods vary. Prerequisites: for English majors, ENGL 2350; for non-majors, 6 hours sophomore literature or 3 hours sophomore literature with a grade of A. Students receiving credit in Russian will complete a translation or research project using the Russian language. Offered as ENGL 3306 and RUSS 3306; credit will be given in only one department.

RUSS 3311 • Localization and Translation II

Continued study of cultural and linguistic issues in the translation of Russian and English language texts. Systematic development of advanced skills in localization and computer-aided translation and in using TMX/TBX (international standards for translation memory and terminology exchange) tools. Translation practice, individually and in translation teams, with increasingly longer and more specialized texts. Prepares localization and translation specialists for real-world careers in the language-services industry. May be repeated once. Prerequisite: RUSS 3310 with a grade of B or better.

RUSS 4335 • The Culture of Business II

Featuring virtual lectures from faculty at Russian Financial University in Moscow, Russia. Students will learn to function in business environments, with emphasis on the skills needed for conducting e-commerce. Web-based media segments from Russia, Europe, and North America are used to reinforce vocabulary and other linguistic knowledge. Prerequisite: RUSS 4334 with a grade of C or better.

RUSS 4362 • Russia and the Successor States Today

The metamorphosis of the Communist Party and the current political philosophies of the post-Soviet states. Examination of attitudes and self-perceptions of citizens of these states in the post-period. Emphasis is on area studies and culture. The course will be taught in English, but for Russian language credit; research will be done in the Russian language. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Offered as HIST 4362, POLS 4362, &RUSS 4362. Credit will be granted in only one department.

Russian Courses • Fall 2016