Modern Languages at UTA

The Spanish Writing Center

The Spanish Writing Program is designed to provide support in the edition and correction of the variety of texts that students in all levels of Spanish write in their courses. The Center provides tutoring services to Spanish majors and minors, as well as design, technical and outreach support in the UTA community and beyond.

The Spanish Writing Center is housed in the Lounge of the Language Acquisition Center in room Trimble Hall 303
Spanish Writing Center - Spring 2016
Mon - Wed 10:00A.M. - 12:00P.M.
Mon - Wed 1:00P.M. - 3:00P.M.
Thrusday 1:00P.M. - 3:00P.M.
Friday 10:00A.M. - 12:00P.M.

The Tutors

Brain Duran Brian Durán Fuente
Spring 16 liaison for the Spanish Writing Center

Brian Durán-Fuentes comes from Mexico City. He plans on becoming a translator and a high school teacher, and enjoys music and literature.

Chermary Silva Chermary Silva

Chermary Silva is from Havana, Cuba. She moved to Texas to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Hispanic Literature. She is majoring in Spanish for Global Competence and minoring in Psychology. She is passionate about Hispanic literature, Italian language, traveling and tennis.

Claudia Martinez Claudia Martinez

Claudia Martinez is majoring in Spanish for Global Competence with a minor in Psychology. She was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and now lives in Irving Texas with her parents. Martinez is passionate about music, culture, and literature in Spanish. She desires to one day become a Spanish professor at UTA.