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Faculty Directory

Dr. EfsathiosDr. Efstathios "Stathis" I. Meletis | Faculty profile
Professor and Chair
817-272-2559 (Lab: 817-272-0656)
Surface engineering, plasma processes, thin films and coatings, nanomaterials, nanotribology, biomaterials, corrosion

Dr. Pranesh AswathDr. Pranesh Aswath | Faculty profile
Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Policy
Ceramics, titanium composites, bioactive materials, tribology, civil structures

Dr. Ye CaoDr. Ye Cao | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor
Combined phase-field modeling and scanning probe characterization of ferroelectric thin films, multiscale modeling of energy materials, electrochemical coupling, electrical and transport phenomena in nanoscale functional oxides.

Dr. Yahowu HaoDr. Yaowu Hao | Faculty profile
817-272-0752 (Lab: 817-272-0303)
Metal and Magnetic Nanostructures

Dr. Jiechao C. JiangDr. Jiechao C. Jiang | Faculty profile
Research Professor and CCMB Facility Manager
Materials characterization, thin films and coatings, nanomaterials

Dr. Choong-Un KimDr. Choong-Un Kim | Faculty profile
Thin-film metallurgy, phase transformation, reliability physics of microelectronics

Dr. Wiley KirkDr. Wiley Kirk | Faculty Profile
Research Professor
Growth and design of heterostructure materials for photovoltaic and nanoscale devices, physics of charge transport and magneto-conduction mechanisms in materials

Dr. Seong Jin KohDr. Seong Jin Koh | Faculty profile
Professor and Graduate Advisor
Nano-electronic devices, sensor for molecular level detection, surface science

LaPlante.jpgDr. Erika La Plante
Assistant Professor
Cementitious materials, low-temperature geochemistry, mineral-fluid interfaces, surface structures and reactions

Dr. Constatin PolitisDr. Constantin Politis
Distinguished Research Professor

Dr. Wolfram SchommersDr. Wolfram Schommers
Distinguished Research Professor

Surendra ShahDr. Surendra P. Shah
Member of National Academy of Engineering
Presidential Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Advanced Construction Materials

Dr. Harry F. TibbalsDr. Harry F. Tibbals | Faculty Profile
Research Professor

Dr. Kyungsuk YumDr. Kyungsuk Yum | Faculty Profile | Research Group
Assistant Professor
Biologically-inspired materials and systems, nanomaterials, nanobiotechnology

Dr. Kendra L. Wallis Dr. Kendra L Wallis | Faculty Profile 
Assistant Professor of Instruction

Affiliated Faculty

In addition to the MSE core faculty, a number of professors from other departments in the College of Engineering and the College of Science at UTA participate in the Materials Science and Engineering Program. They collaborate in research projects with the faculty and mentor Materials Science and Engineering students.


  • Dr. Kytai Nguyen
    Dr. Kytai Nguyen


  • Dr. Rasika Dias
    Dr. Rasika Dias
  • Dr. Peter Kroll
    Dr. Peter Kroll
  • robin-macaluso.jpg
    Dr. Robin Macaluso
  • Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar
    Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar
  • Dr. Richard B. Timmons
    Dr. Richard B. Timmons

Civil Engineering

  • Dr. Ali Abolmaali
    Dr. Ali Abolmaali
  • Dr. Maria S. Konsta-Gdoutos
    Dr. Maria S. Konsta-Gdoutos

Electrical Engineering

  • Dr. Zeynep Celik-Butler
    Dr. Zeynep Celik-Butler
  • Dr. Robert Magnusson
    Dr. Robert Magnusson
  • Dr. David Wetz
    Dr. David Wetz
  • Dr. Weidong Zhou
    Dr. Weidong Zhou

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • Dr. Haiying Huang
    Dr. Haiying Huang
  • Dr. Panos Shiakolas
    Dr. Panos S. Shiakolas

Physics in the College of Science

  • Dr. Wei Chen
    Dr. Wei Chen
  • Dr. Ali R. Koymen
    Dr. Ali R. Koymen
  • Dr. J. Ping Liu
    Dr. J. Ping Liu
  • Dr. Joseph Ngai
    Dr. Joseph Ngai
  • Dr. Suresh Sharma
    Dr. Suresh Sharma
  • Dr. Alex Weiss
    Dr. Alex Weiss

Kinesiology in the College of Nursing and Health Innovations

  • Dr. Venu Gopal Varanasi
    Dr. Venu Gopal Varanasi