Travel procedures updated

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

The Office of Disbursements has been working on the travel procedures to ensure the content is clear and concise for the travelers and administrative personnel. The procedures have been streamlined, enabling the traveler to find all information related to a topic in one procedure. Additionally, each procedure highlights documentation requirements for the Expense Report.

Here is a list of the updated procedures, including new titles, funding applications and highlights.

Please visit the Business and Finance Travel Policy and Procedure for complete information.

These new procedures are applicable to travel starting August 1, 2019.

BF-T-PR2—International Travel—Local and State Appropriated Fund

Application: For international travel only, including information on per diem rates – regardless of funding source.

Change: Section III. Approval for travel to areas of high risk

University-sponsored travel to areas of high risk must be approved by the UTA International Oversight Committee (IOC) prior to travel. This includes travel to locations where the U.S. State Department has issued Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisories, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Warning Level 3, or the IOC has deemed significant health, safety or security risks are present.

BF-T-PR3—Meals, Lodging, and Misc. Travel Expenses for Contiguous US Travel—Local Funds Only

Application: For contiguous US travel only, paid with local funds

Change: Section III, A. 1.b. Meals and Incidental Expenses Per Diem

  • Table for per diem on the days of departure and return based on the traveler’s departure/return time from/to campus (if a work day) or residence (if a weekend).

Change: Section IV, A.4. Lodging

  • Allows laundry charges when traveling for 5 or more consecutive business days.

BF-T-PR5—Transportation Options in Travel Status

Application: Information in one procedure regarding airfare/air travel, using a personally owned car or university-owned vehicle, and auto rental companies.

Change: Section IV. Auto Rentals

  • Travelers will not be reimbursed for fuel charges incurred by the rental company when not returning the vehicle full of fuel.

BF-T-PR6—Travel Reimbursement—Timelines and Receipting

Application: Provides a procedure guideline of receipt requirements and submission timelines for Expense Reports, and information on executive and spousal travel.

Changes: Section III. Submission Timeline of Expense Reports:

  • Between travel end date and 30 calendar days: Expense Report must be created and processed through workflow to the Office of Disbursements. 
  • Between 30 and 60 calendar days: All issues with travel Expense Reports must be resolved by the submitting department and the ‘error free’ Expense Report must be submitted and ready for payment processing by the Office of Disbursements.
  • Beyond 60 calendar days: All UTShare travel Expense Reports must be 'Error Free' and fully processed by the employing department and routed completely through workflow by the 60th calendar day after trip end. Travel Expense Reports processed on the 61st calendar day after trip ends, or later, or that are not ‘Error Free’ by the 60th calendar day, are taxable to the traveler (income and employment taxes) and the employing department.
  • Communication of Non-Compliance: Travelers will receive a communication of non-compliance if they have a fully approved Travel Authorization, it has been more than 30 days since the last date of travel, and an Expense Report has not been processed or submitted to the Office of Disbursements for review.

BF-T-PR8—Travel Agencies and Concur

Application: Provides complete information on the University’s two travel agencies and the on-line booking portal to book airfare, hotels and car rentals. This is inclusive of phone numbers, emails and hours of operation.

BF-T-PR10—Travel Using State Appropriate Funds

Application: Guideline for travel expenses, meals, lodging, etc., paid for from state appropriated funds.

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