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UTA In The News — Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Perry's issue debated

KDFW Fox 4 reported on Texas Gov. Rick Perry's stance on the HPV vaccine during a recent Republican presidential candidates debate. Rebecca Deen, UT Arlington chair and associate professor in political science, commented on the political debate surrounding Perry's stance.

Presidential forum analyzed

Thomas Marshall, UT Arlington political science professor, offered analysis on a KXAS NBC 5 report of Gov. Rick Perry's efforts in a recent Republican presidential candidates debate.

U.S. trying to stabilize Europe

Roger Meiners, UT Arlington chair and professor of economics, said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit overseas is likely to be about showing moral support for Europe, Housing Wire reported. "I can't fathom that there is a promise of more money. The U.S. played a role in trying to help stabilize the European banking system. When the whole system was on the verge of imploding, the U.S. made a lot of cash available."