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UTA In The News — Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

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Social networking used as fundraising tool

Alex del Carmen, chair of UT Arlington’s criminology and criminal justice department, said social networking will become a greater community funding tool in a Dallas Morning News story where an Oak Lawn neighborhood employed just such a tactic. “We’re going to see a trend of more and more cases where folks are going to be seeking funds through social media outlets. This is a neighborhood that saw a need and got it done.”

American Airlines bankruptcy impact

KTVT/CBS 11 interviewed UT Arlington economics professor Bill Crowder on Tuesday about the impact of American Airlines' Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Crowder said the action was long overdue, particularly because other competing airlines previously have used the tactic to shed debt burden. Crowder added: "For passengers, I don't think this really means anything. I don't think you're going to notice any difference in service."

Nanobots playing greater role in health care

Nanobots -- some as tiny as 1 micron in diameter -- are playing a major part in health care, HIT Exchange, a technology magazine, reported. A human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. Harry Stephanou, UT Arlington electrical engineering professor and director of the Texas Microfactory at the Automation Robotics and Research Institute, was quoted in the story. “We are planning devices you swallow that will assemble in your stomach and conduct procedures. Robotics used to be about making small things that are used in health care. But now we are planning (devices) you swallow that assemble in your stomach and conduct procedures. They have some level of autonomy.”