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UTA In The News — Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Center called crowned jewel in College Park District

On Feb. 1, The University of Texas at Arlington opens a $78 million, 7,000-seat arena, the crown jewel of the College Park District, a residential and retail development that is still taking shape across more than 20 acres in the heart of Arlington, theFort Worth Business Press reported.

College Park Center puts spotlight on UT Arlington

KTVT CBS 11 also featured news about Wednesday's opening of College Park Center at UT Arlington in its sports segment. A similar report appeared on CBS

Editorial congratulates College Park District leaders

Arlington’s entertainment and sports complex long has been a tourist magnet. And university students have commuted to The University of Texas at Arlington for decades. Despite that activity, the city has lacked a downtown core. Now, with a new UT Arlington basketball and concert arena opening Wednesday, nearby student housing and retail shops coming on line in August, and a recent arts pavilion, Arlington is developing an urban center, a Dallas Morning News editorial said. The city is creating the kind of nucleus that allows people to live downtown, walk to shops, go to school and enjoy the nightlife. Congratulations to the vision and determination of Mayor Robert Cluck, UT Arlington President James Spaniolo and the many entrepreneurs who are putting their bucks into a new Arlington.

Former president praises College Park Center

UT Arlington's new $78 million arena, opening Wednesday after two years of construction, has no bigger cheerleader than Wendell Nedderman, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. The College Park Center's roots go back at least to Nedderman's 20-year reign as president at UT Arlington. It was a period when the school experienced remarkable growth not only in student enrollment and buildings but also in degree programs and prestige. "As one who has been around since 1959, I look at what has happened for the development of UTA under the Spaniolo administration, and I think it's absolutely spectacular. I think it is a great leap forward."