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UTA In The News — Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

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KERA/90.1 FM highlights UT Arlington researchers' role in HIggs boson particle search

Professors at The University of Texas at Arlington played a significant role in looking for the Higgs boson particle, which scientists announced Wednesday might have been found,KERA/90.1 FM reported. Andrew Brandt, UT Arlington physics professor, said the new particle is being called “Higgs-like" and researchers are one to five years away from knowing for sure. "It’s been 30 years or more that we’ve been searching for this particle at different accelerators, trying to pin down the missing piece of the puzzle," Brandt said.

High energy physics team featured by McClatchy newswire

A Fort Worth Star-Telegram story about the Higgs announcement that featured Kaushik De, physics professor and director of the UT Arlington Center of Excellence for High Energy Physics also, appeared on the McClatchy newspapers national website and in the Sacramento Bee. “This is a wonderful confirmation of our current understanding of the universe," said De.

UT Arlington kinesiology professor weighs in on marathon prep

A story offering advice on how to handle “real-world marathons” like pulling an all-nighter or moving boxes all day that quoted Cindy Trowbridge, UT Arlington associate professor of kinesiology, appeared on the HuffPost Healthy Living blog. The story originally appeared on the website.