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UTA In The News — Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Beamon quoted on aftermath of officer-involved shooting

KTVT/CBS 11 interviewed Krystal Beamon, a UT Arlington assistant sociology professor, about the media coverage of a Dallas police officer-involved shooting that led to a man’s death. In the aftermath, local media repeatedly showed images of an angry crowd in an economically depressed neighborhood.  “Anytime there’s that opportunity where the cameras are watching us, we have someone listening to us, you’re going to see that anger,” Beamon said. “That breeds a certain level of despair and hopelessness, and so now the cameras are on and people are listening to us. We’ve been disenfranchised for so long and [now] I have a voice.” The story is also posted on

College Park District a part of Arlington retail growth

KXAS/NBC 5 included UT Arlington in a story about the retail growth that the city is experiencing. Retailers say landmarks such as Lincoln Square in north Arlington or the Highlands on the south end or up-and-coming spots such as The University of Texas at Arlington's College Park District -- a mixed-use development scheduled to open this fall -- in downtown, are all working together. "All those things have definitely helped us," said Pam Dawson, Lincoln Square mall manager. "We are very excited about downtown Arlington and all the things going on there. UTA went from 28,000 to 35,000 [students]; it's incredible. Great things are going on in south Arlington." The story is posted at

New research institute has new focus, leader

Green Technology World, Education Technology, and Robotics Wire   published a Fort Worth Star-Telegram story about The UT Arlington Research Institute and its new director, retired Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch. The institute has an ambitious 10-year goal of generating $100 million annually in research funding, and of increasing its workforce from 40 to 400.

UT Arlington collaboration could lead to faster, more efficient computers

Israeli-based e-magazine,, reported that electrical engineers at The University of Texas at Arlington and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have devised a new laser for on-chip optical connections that could give computers a huge boost in speed and energy efficiency. The team published its findings in Nature Photonics.