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UTA In The News — Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Farrar-Myers interviewed about second presidential debate

Victoria Farrar-Myers, UT Arlington political science professor, was quoted in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bud Kennedy column about Tuesday night’s presidential debate. “Neither of these candidates connects with other people well,” Farrar-Myers said. “There was no Bill Clinton ‘I feel your pain’ moment. Neither candidate talked with the audience.”

McDonough weighs in on Tabata

Paul McDonough, UT Arlington associate professor of kinesiology, discussed Tabata in a Dallas Morning News article about the popular, four-minutes-to-fitness workout. Tabata works by allowing you to exercise at a higher workload or intensity than you normally would, McDonough said. “You increase aerobic capacity and the ability to withstand lactic acid, which is what builds up in the muscles. That’s what makes people stop. It hurts.”

Saxe discusses Electoral College

Hispanic Business Magazine and several other media outlets carried a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about the electoral vote that quoted Allan Saxe, UT Arlington associate political science professor. “There is an outside chance that one candidate could win the popular vote … and lose the electoral vote, but [it’s] very dubious this time around,” Saxe said.