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UTA In The News — Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

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Growing Hispanic voters could point to Democratic takeover

Some experts say Hispanics' overwhelming support for President Barack Obama in the presidential election and the growing number of Hispanics in the Lone Star State point to a possible Democratic takeover in the future, the Fort Worth Star-Telegramreported. The story quoted Susan Gonzalez Baker, director of the UT Arlington Center for Mexican American Studies, as saying: "The Republican Party is going to ignore or alienate the Latino electorate at its own peril. The numbers speak for themselves."

Political science educator weighs election results on U.S.-Israeli relations

The future of U.S.-Israeli relations and Israeli foreign policy goes far beyond who sits as the U.S. President and Israeli Prime Minister, argues Brent Sasley, UT Arlington assistant professor of political science, in an opinion piece published in The National Interest. Sasley argues against a rising feeling that one of the big losers in President Obama's re-election was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.