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UTA In The News — Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Holiday sales tactic explained

WFAA/ABC 8 interviewed Elten Briggs, UT Arlington associate professor of marketing, for a story about the strategy behind the many ‘one day only’ sales targeting holiday shoppers. “Sometimes stores will make a little bit of money off those [Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals], sometimes break even or even have a little loss on some of those items, but the retailer is in your mind for the rest of the entire season,” Briggs said. The story is also posted online at

Christkindl Market includes UTA theme

The Arlington Citizen-Journal mentioned that the 17-day Christkindl Market at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington will include a UT Arlington themed day on Sunday. The school will have displays touting campus highlights and feature talent from their music and drama departments.

Local glassblowing artist has UTA ties

A Grapevine Courier story about David Gappa, a local glassblowing artist, noted that Gappa began his glassblowing adventure while pursuing a master’s degree in architecture at UT Arlington.

Behind all the sales

KTVT/CBS 11 interviewed Traci Freling, UT Arlington assistant professor of marketing, about sales targeting holiday shoppers online earlier and more aggressively. “It’s not even just Cyber Monday any more, it’s Cyber Week,” Freling said. “If you look at the statistics from just this weekend, about half of the shopping beginning on Thanksgiving Day this year was online.”

Sasley work highlighted

The Institute for National Security Studies in Israel cited an Open Zion piece by Brent Sasley, a UT Arlington assistant political science professor, on whether “targeted killings” work.

Earning a bachelor's degree for $10k

The Atlantic published a National Journal article about Texas schools that have developed an affordable bachelor’s degree plan for $10,000, including UT Arlington.

Higher Education reforms

In its story about politicians and higher education reforms in Texas, The Washington Independent noted that Higher Ed Holdings specializes in distance learning at colleges including UT Arlington and Lamar University.

Secession talk

The Week’s Editorial Staff quoted Jack Simmons, a columnist at UT Arlington’s student newspaper, The Shorthorn, in its article about secession fever, which has hit much of red America. Texas and other newly minted nations would have to pay for their own militaries, Simmons wrote. “We would also need some form of health care, some sort of disaster relief, a postal service, welfare, social security, FDA, CIA, FBI – the list goes on,” totaling well over a trillion dollars. “And that’s just start-up costs.” This story was also carried by Yahoo! News.

Epidemiologist trained at UTA

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on a University of Texas at Arlington alum who is playing a key role in the war on diseases. Joel Montgomery was recently named director of the Global Disease Detection center and the International Emerging Infections Program in Nairobi, Kenya.