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UTA In The News — Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Cawthon discusses British law and expectant Duchess Kate

USA Today and KDFW/Fox 4 interviewed Elisabeth Cawthon, UT Arlington associate history professor, about the excitement surrounding Britain’s Prince William and Duchess Kate, who are expecting their first child. “This represents a major change in the [British] law, because now this firstborn child does not have to be the firstborn son,” Cawthon said. “If a girl is born, she can inherit [the throne].”

UT Arlington researcher develops world's tiniest wrench

The Dallas Observer blog, Unfair Park, highlighted Samarendra Mohanty, UT Arlington assistant physics professor, about the world’s tiniest wrench, which he developed to better hold and rotate microscopic objects. Most intriguing is that Mohanty thinks the technology can be applied to space travel. “I envision applications in the direct conversion of solar energy to mechanical energy, rotating large, macroscopic objects using this technique,” Mohanty told ScienceBlog. This would “simulate an environment in which photons radiated from the sun could propel the reflective motors in solar sails, a promising future technology for deep-space travel.”

Fitzgerald discusses educational impact of underrepresented groups learning their heritage language

Diverse Issues in Higher Education interviewed Colleen Fitzgerald, UT Arlington professor of linguistics, about linguists and tribe members working to restore Native American languages. Claiming one’s ancestral tongue has its merits, Fitzgerald said. “There are studies that show there is significant, [positive] educational impact for underrepresented groups when their educational experience includes a component of their heritage language,” she said. “One of our goals — in a social justice context — is to … allow Native American children to express their traditions, their heritage in the same setting where there are other students.”