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UTA In The News — Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

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UT Arlington researchers hope to help farmers experience better crop yields

UT Arlington researchers hope a recently published discovery about the hormone jasmonate will eventually help farmers experience better crop yields with less use of potentially harmful chemicals, and other media outlets reported. “This is a small piece of a bigger picture, but it is a very important piece,” said Maeli Melotto, a UT Arlington assistant biology professor.

UT Arlington physicists develop new fiber-optic spanner

Physicists at The University of Texas at Arlington have developed a new fiber-optic spanner that will help scientist work more efficiently at a microscopic level, CultureMap reported. The spanner, or wrench, will allow scientists to rotate objects such as living cells at any axis, making for a fuller view than current methods that also utilize fiber-optic rotation.

Efendi contributes to paper in The Accounting Review

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation blog noted that Jap Efendi, a UT Arlington assistant accounting professor, contributed to the paper, Executive Turnover Following Option Backdating Allegations, forthcoming in The Accounting Review.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum exhibit draws on materials from UT Arlington, Yale, and other institutions

The reported that the new Juarez Global Wall Exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum includes exhibit materials drawn from UT Arlington, Yale University, Tulane University and other institutions.

Best Green Projects of 2012

The University of Texas at Arlington is one of 98 campuses nationwide featured in the National Wildlife Federation’s database of the best green projects of 2012, the Arlington Citizen-Journal reported.