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UTA In The News — Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

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Award-winning work

Frederick MacDonnell and Qiming Zhang, UT Arlington professors in chemistry/biochemistry and physics, respectively, were award recipients in the National Science Foundation's Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science Awards, Red Orbit reported. The two were part of 101 professors and researchers that shared $49 million in grants under the initiative.

Making schools more accessible

Sarah Rose, UT Arlington's director of a minor in disability studies, says that public schools must make improvements that allow all students to participate fully in campus communities, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported in a story about the upcoming Forth Worth school district bond election. Rose, who specializes in disability history, said full access to campuses — from kindergarten through college — is a work in progress. Tucked in the Fort Worth school district’s $490 million bond package is a “to-do list” that seeks to make cafeterias, locker rooms and office countertops more accessible.

Gay men & straight women

A UT Arlington doctoral student's published paper about relationships between gay men and straight women analyzes why the two groups of people make such good friends, the Dallas Voice reported. Eric Russell started his PhD program this fall at UT Arlington after publishing the paper while a senior at TCU.

JFK exhibit

A UT Arlington exhibit of Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographs shows JFK and the first lady during their visit to Fort Worth, just before he arrived in Dallas 50 years ago, the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch reported. A Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bob Ray Sanders column also highlighted the exhibit.

Extreme workout routines

A 2006 UT Arlington/Western Michigan University study showed that intense jumping in extreme workout routines can be worthwhile, Shape magazine reported in a story about popular workout programs.

Fundraising for firefighters

UT Arlington business students conducted a fundraising effort for local firefighters at a nearby Walmart, KXAS/NBC 5 reported. The students asked people to donate money, water and Gatorade.

Anti-bullying efforts scrutinized

In an analysis of 7,000 students from 50 states, researchers from UT Arlington found that students at schools with anti-bullying initiatives may be more likely to become a victim of bullying, an Associated Press story about bullying reported on the CBS News website, KHSL 12 (Chico, Calif.) and the Somewhat Reasonable blog of the Heartland Institute. Some experts warn that increased levels of awareness lead to increased reports of bullying, which can make it seem like the problem is on the rise.

Affordable degree plan

Former state Rep. Glenn Lewis is being mentioned as one of the possible Democratic candidates to run for Wendy Davis' now-vacated state Senate seat since she is running for governor, a Fort Worth Star-Telegram column said. As a state university regent, Lewis has seen Texas pull back from higher education funding, like at the University of Texas at Arlington. “I know how much the state invests in higher education, and I also know how much that has gone down. Gov. Perry wants universities to have a $10,000 degree. Well, we can do a $10 degree if they make us. But would it be worth the $10?” UT Arlington was listed as one of the Texas universities to offer a $10,000 degree that Gov. Rick Perry challenged colleges to consider a couple of years ago, Tuition.IO reported.