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UTA In The News — Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Varying degrees of marketability predicted for A&M quarterback

Elten Briggs, associate professor of marketing in the UT Arlington College of Business, told KRLD/1080 AM that Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M's electric quarterback, could turn around a NFL team's marketability overnight if he signs with that team. Manziel announced Wednesday that he would enter the 2014 NFL draft and forgo his remaining eligibility with the Aggies. Briggs said Manziel will have to walk the line and stay out of any negative spotlight.

New technology, volunteers to be used

The Dallas Morning News reported on new UT Arlington Police Chief Kim Lemaux, who despite dealing with several serious incidents on campus during her first semester, has excelled as the University’s first female police chief. As for her plans to fight crime in the future, Lemaux said she hopes to bring on new technology for officers and involve volunteers and criminal justice students in the police department.

Professor's high-speed rail study cited

Dallas Morning News story on a DFW to Houston high-speed rail study being launched by the federal government cited a November study by UT Arlington that examined the feasibility of high-speed rail. The study, conducted by Steve Mattingly, associate professor of civil engineering, showed that high-speed rail was more efficient than air and highway travel - no matter which two big cities you were linking, and it was possible using existing TXDOT right-of-way.

Amazon microorganisms studied after rainforests converted to pastureland

Red and Life Sciences World reported on a new study by UT Arlington researchers that looked for the first time at the reaction of free-living nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the Amazon, where rainforests have been converted to pastureland. The study is featured in the January issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Jorge Rodrigues, assistant professor of biology, organized the work. Babur S. Mirza, former postdoctoral fellow in the Rodrigues lab, is the paper’s lead author.

Political scientist examines Middle East battle

The Jewish Daily Forward published a piece by Brent Sasley, UT Arlington associate professor of political science, that examined the fight in Hillel, a national Jewish student organization, over how to define “pro Israel” and what it means for advocacy regarding Israel.

Gubernatorial candidate slated to discuss education proposals

The Associated Press reported that state Sen. Wendy Davis will appear at UT Arlington Thursday to discuss education proposals for her campaign for governor. She’ll talk to teachers and school administrators during the roundtable. The AP story was carried by the Star-Telegram, the Austin in Austin, News 92 in Houston, El Paso Times and several other media sites.