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UTA In The News — Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

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Magazine story features student racing innovation

Racecar Engineering magazine prominently featured an article written by Bob Woods, UT Arlington professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and graduate student James Merkel, about the University's Formula Team’s engineering innovation. They detailed how UT Arlington has been at the forefront of innovation "with the introduction of a combined hand clutch and shifter mechanism that allows for two pedals and left foot braking, the first introduction of electronic fuel injection, carbon composite wheels, the first full aero package with multi-element wings, several iterations of unsuspended aero packages, and now the first fully-active four-quadrant aerodynamic package.”

Brain Injury lab director leads review

A paper in the journal Neuropsychology Review shows that computerized neurocognitive testing for concussions, while widely used in amateur and professional sports, is not supported by research that proves its effectiveness, Education Week blog, Schooled in Sports, reported. Jacob Resch, director of the Brain Injury Laboratory at The University of Texas at Arlington, is lead author on the review, which updates a 2005 look at the available research on computerized neurocognitive testing.

Study examines Amazon microorganisms

Innovations Report highlighted a new study by UT Arlington researchers that looked for the first time at the reaction of free-living, nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the Amazon, where rainforests have been converted to pastureland.

Davis outlines education plan

During an education roundtable Thursday at UT Arlington, state Sen. Wendy Davis unveiled a plan to put more teachers in public classrooms throughout the state, the Associated Press, Texas Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle and other media reported.

High-speed rail study noted

CultureMap Dallas and CultureMap Houston mentioned a UT Arlington study exploring high-speed rail options along the state’s highway system in its story about DFW to Houston high-speed rail study being launched by the federal government.

Campus natural gas wells create smaller footprint

UT Arlington was mentioned in a report about the Ugandan government adopting the horizontal oil drilling method as a way to reduce impact on the environment and wildlife in the environmentally sensitive Albertine graben. Reporting Oil and noted that in 2010, UT Arlington was featured in the news for drilling 22 wells on a single drill pad that will drain natural gas from 1,100 acres beneath the campus. Experts say the method significantly reduced the footprint of natural gas development within the campus area.