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UTA In The News — Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

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The power of tiny windmills

Time magazine’s Tech section reported that researchers at The University of Texas Arlington say they have designed tiny windmills that could hook up to a cellphone and convert wind into battery life. The designers, electrical engineering professor J.-C. Chiao and graduate research associate Smitha Rao, drew from traditional origami concepts and modern semiconductor device layouts to create the tiny power plants. Websites such as Computerworld, Men’s Fitness, Network World and the Dallas Observer also reported on the research.

Educational technology

George Siemens, a new hire at UT Arlington who is nationally known for his work in educational technology, was featured in a Campus Technology Q&A describing plans for the new LINK lab at UT Arlington. LINK stands for Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research. Siemens said he hopes to shape “a global research network that evaluates online learning and digital learning and how they impact the role of the university in society."

Research and Learning Center

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has a new learning space, where kids get some unusual playmates: scientists and researchers from The University of Texas at Arlington, KERA/90.1 FM reported on its website. As part of the new Research and Learning Center, researchers and guest scientists from other universities will set up 15-minute studies, inviting museum guests to participate and interact with items ranging from the simple (a hammer) to the complex (a small robot). The KERA story also aired several time Wednesday morning and afternoon.

Film 'Mastermind'

Bart Weiss, associate professor of film/video at UT Arlington, was one of six winners of the Dallas Observer Mastermind awards this year. Weiss is the man behind the Dallas Videofest, now going into its 27th year, and an independent film director, producer and editor. The awards “identify and honor those fostering our city's artful eruption,” the newspaper said.

Graduate program value

A new list of the top public affairs and policy graduate programs lists UT Arlington as fifth in the nation for graduate program value, according to the website DMNNewswire and others. The rankings are based on 40,000 ratings posted on the site by graduate students in over 1,200 different programs nationwide.

New interactive website

The University of Texas System has launched a new interactive website that includes salary and debt information for graduates of its institutions after one year and five years in the workforce, according to The Texas Tribune and The Chronicle of Higher Education. The new tool, seekUT, allows the public to access data on the experiences of graduates who are working full time in Texas after earning bachelor’s degrees from UT institutions between 2007 and 2011. Varun Mallipaddi, a UT Arlington senior finance major, said it's not too late for him to benefit from the new website: "When I get to the point in a job application where salaries come up, I'll have a baseline to go on and know whether I should be asking for more."