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UTA In The News — Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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State of the Union

Victoria Farrar-Myers, UT Arlington political science professor, previewed Tuesday's State of the Union address for KTVT/CBS 11 and said that President Obama could use a recommended increase in minimum wage to give fellow Democrats something to stand on politically during the upcoming mid-term elections. Farrar-Myers also said Obama needs to send a clear message that economic mobility and inequality is a real issue.

Rallying for a Rail

Stephen Mattingly, UT Arlington civil engineering associate professor, told WFAA/ABC 8 that there is an increasing likelihood that high-speed rail will come to Texas. "There is a strong chance that we could see it within 10 years. However, there is no guarantee... and I would not like to see any public money committed to an endeavor like this until we see that it really is going to happen," said Mattingly, in advance of a Texas high-speed rail commission being established this week. The WFAA story also ran on KVUE in Austin.

Unmanned systems conference

Fox 4 at Noon reported on Monday's unmanned systems conference at the UT Arlington Research Institute. The conference focused on on unmanned systems well beyond the known military applications. A major workforce development and training grant also was announced. The Research Institute is participating in the Texas test site program for unmanned aerial vehicles.

UT Arlington Research Institute hosts conference

The UT Arlington Research Institute and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Center for Innovation hosted a conference Monday on unmanned systems, the Associated Press reported. The AP story was carried by CBS 7 KOSA in Odessa, KSWO 7 News in Lawton, Okla., and several other media sites. KDAF CW 33 also ran a story on the conference and on unmanned systems research under way at the Institute.

The power of micro windmills

Two UT Arlington researchers have developed miniature windmills that could eventually power cell phone batteries and serve other small-use power needs, reported. J.-C. Chiao, a UT Arlington electrical engineering professor, and Smitha Rao, a UT Arlington research associate, have produced the working micro-windmills.

Little kids with big ideas

Arlington third- through sixth-graders are being asked to share their innovative ideas for an Entrepreneur Contest produced by the Arlington school district and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Extra Credit blog noted. A ceremony honoring the winners will be Aug. 26 at UT Arlington's College Park Center. UTA is a sponsor.

Fincher to take new post at Emory & Henry College

Lou Fincher, chair of the UT Arlington kinesiology department, has been hired as dean of the School of Health Sciences at Emory & Henry College, the Community Newspapers of Southwest Virginia reported.

School of Social Work graduate's important role

Lisa Ciminelli, a UT Arlington School of Social Work graduate, was profiled by KTVT/CBS 11. Ciminelli is in charge of coordination of case management service for neighbors and clients.