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UTA In The News — Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Predicting a victor

Brent Sasley, UT Arlington associate professor of political science, wrote an opinion piece about the turmoil in the Middle East for “Is Israel losing the Gaza war? There is a lot of commentary arguing that it is. Certainly, this thinking goes, Israel is racking up considerable battlefield victories, but they pale in comparison to the broader defeat it is suffering. After all, Hamas is achieving its goal of disrupting Israelis’ ability to live a normal life,” Sasley wrote.

Moving forward

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that UT Arlington will start an alumni relations office as the 3,000-member UT Arlington Alumni Association decides how it will move forward. The group seems to be on the brink of ending, but alumni voted 52-30 against the measure Saturday.  

Improving elderly care reported on research by Darla Hamann, assistant professor in the UT Arlington School of Urban and Public Affairs, that found that empowering nursing assistants and family members of nursing home residents in decision-making results in improved service. The study appeared in the Journal of Applied Gerontology.

Student success

Wasiu Adedapo Lawal, an earth and environmental sciences Ph.D. student at UT Arlington, was one of two first-place winners in the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition’s first essay contest, the news site reported. Lawal’s essay, “Water as a Friend and a Right,” will be considered for publication in Professional Ethics Review and the Journal of International Association of Official Statistics. Fifty-three students from 11 countries entered the competition. Their essays covered topics addressing human rights concerns connected to environmental health issues, immunization, biotechnology and more.  

High Army honors

The U.S. Army Cadet Command has named Lt. Col. Lora A. Rimmer, Commander of the Army ROTC at UT Arlington, the nation’s Professor of Military Science of the Year, the Dallas Business Journal’s People on the Move noted. 
Rimmer was selected from among 275 professors at colleges and universities nationwide that offer Army ROTC.

Real things lost

Ben Agger, UT Arlington professor of sociology, wrote an opinion piece for Truthout about the popular television program Mad Men. “The show is about an historical moment when we began to lose touch with real things and real selves, as the ‘50s opened into the ‘60s and then into the postmodern … Mad Men resonates because it tracks the emergence and triumph of the insubstantial,” Agger wrote.