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UTA In The News — Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Learning anywhere

The constraints of time, space and location no longer matter when it comes to connected learning, Inside Higher Ed reported. The article noted UT Arlington as an example of the lessons that social media offers, stating that the divides between in-class and out-of-class and even between one campus and another can be overcome. At UT Arlington, Pete Smith, the vice provost for digital teaching and learning, pairs his course in Russian with students at a university in western Siberia.

Reputation recovery

KRLD/1080 AM (CBS Radio) interviewed Elten Briggs, UT Arlington associate professor of marketing, about Dallas’s image amid its Ebola crisis. Asked how he would handle marketing the city, Briggs said: “I would try to get someone from the CDC to issue a statement similar to what the mayor put out confirming that this is a safe place to be.” Briggs added that his next step would include advertising and social media so that people with no vested interest in Dallas could get a positive conversation going about the city.  

Turning 40

A Fort Worth Star-Telegram story about the Fort Worth Water Gardens quoted Kathryn Holliday, associate professor of architecture at UT Arlington. The landmark turned marked its 40th birthday Sunday, but is enjoyed by a few locals who know it’s there and appreciate its beauty -- or downtown tourists who happen upon it. “It’s a good time to determine how the Water Gardens fits into today’s connected society,” Holliday said. “I think it’s a great opportunity to do a more rigorous study about what’s working and what could be better.”

Introverts in the news quoted Paul Paulus, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Psychology at UT Arlington, in its article about how to encourage introverts in meetings. Paulus said that having group members write their ideas at first and then pass them along to the next participant to expand on, or listing them in a computer network, circumvents extroverts hogging the discussion while others sit silently like wallflowers at a school dance. There is some research showing that shy people often have the best ideas, Paulus added. 

Fatigue focus

UT Arlington engineering professors have received a $451,781 Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant to examine the material surface at the micro- and nano-scale level that will provide clues for predicting fatigue in aircraft parts, Micro reported. Haiying Huang, professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, said the new technology and process would be better and more efficient than taking X-rays of an aircraft's wing.  

Political powerhouses

D Magazine Frontburner mentioned UT Arlington Maverick Speakers Series guests Mary Matalin and James Carville in its Things to do in Dallas Tonight: Oct. 20 column. KJKK 100.3 FM also highlighted the speaking engagement by the political couple.