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UTA In The News — Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

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Healthy aging

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition aired an installment of The Broken Hip series produced by Dallas NPR station, KERA 90.1 FM, which featured Christopher Ray, associate professor of kinesiology at UT Arlington. Ray said studies show that improving balance can prevent falls in the elderly population and intervention for seniors who have already fallen is key. “The greatest predictor of a future fall is a previous fall,” Ray said. The report was carried by dozens of NPR stations and a related slideshow appeared on Boston’s WGBH as well as many other NPR affiliates’ websites.

Micro-windmill energy

WCBS-TV in New York City aired the CBS Network produced program, Innovation Nation, that featured UT Arlington’s Smitha Rao, a research associate, and J.-C. Chiao, electrical engineering professor, and their micro-windmill innovation. The team designed a micro-windmill that generates wind energy that could be used for sensors and lights for roads and bridges, and may become a solution to cell phone batteries constantly in need of recharging. Host Mo Rocca called the UT Arlington work “the future of the windmill -- sleek, high-tech and able to fit on a grain of rice.”

Mapping brain neurons

BioOptics World reported on research led by Samarendra Mohanty, an assistant professor of physics and head of the Biophysics and Physiology Lab in the UT Arlington College of Science, that is using his team’s biophotonics expertise to advance new methods in areas such as mapping the neural circuitry of the brain and guiding neurons to potentially repair damage in the body.

Depression treatment options and News reported that Katherine Sanchez, an assistant professor in the UT Arlington School of Social Work, has won a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to screen Hispanic patients for depression and educate them about the disease and the treatment options available.

Black Friday is dying event

Traci Freling, a UT Arlington assistant marketing professor, said, “Black Friday is a dying phenomenon.” The Dallas Morning News interviewed Freling about the day after Thanksgiving shopping sale frenzy. She cited Macy’s marketing message that encouraged shoppers to go online ahead of time and fill their shopping carts with door busters for purchase later. “It’s less of a big one-day deal.”

Obama evaluation

KRLD/1080 AM (CBS Radio) interviewed Allan Saxe, UT Arlington associate professor of political science, about the economy, unemployment and other issues concerning the country and President Obama.

Lack of socialist alternatives explained

Truthout published a commentary by Ben Agger, a sociology professor and director of the Center for Theory at UT Arlington, on Thanksgiving and the socialist imaginary. “Thanksgiving and politics explained in Mark Kann's American Left, the United States, with its two-party political system, has lacked viable socialist third-party alternatives, precluding coalition governments and genuine political debate and dissent,” Agger wrote.

Art professor creates mural

The reported on a new mural that was created, designed and painted by Carlos Donjuan, a UT Arlington adjunct art professor, and his team from Sour Grapes.

Advisers help first-generation college students

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on efforts by advisers to help first-generation students apply for colleges that include UT Arlington. The GenTX Application Campaign builds on the College Application Campaign but aims for an increase in completed applications nationwide, including those from first-generation and low-income students who might not otherwise apply.