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UTA In The News — Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Sea Star Wasting Disease

A study led by a UT Arlington graduate student examining sea stars dying along the West Coast provides new clues about the starfish's immune response and its ability to protect a diverse coastal ecosystem, and eScience News reported. Lauren Fuess, a Ph.D. candidate in quantitative biology, and her team looked at the wasting disease responsible for the largest die-off of sea stars ever recorded. 

Civil Rights project awarded

An oral history project documenting the experiences of Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and white activists during the civil-rights era in Texas is getting $200,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. The project includes collecting and interpreting 400 oral histories that will be publicly accessible on a free multimedia website. The work is a collaboration among TCU, The University of Texas at Arlignton and the University of North Texas.

Customizing food orders

A paper in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Retailing explains why people decide to customize their food orders and the implications for retailers and customers alike, Net News Ledger and Health, Medical and Science Updates reported. Adwait Khare, a UT Arlington assistant professor of marketing in the College of Business, is part of the team that wrote "To Choose or to Reject: The Effect of Decision Frame on Food Customization Decisions." 

Minimum wage

Allan Saxe, UT Arlington associate professor of political science, was interviewed on WREC 600 in Memphis, Tenn., about the proposed increase in minimum wage. Saxe said Congress would be well-served to leave the decision up to local entities since the cost of living varies so much from one locale to the other. Saxe also commented on the large Republican presidential field. Saxe also was interviewed on San Diego's KOGO 600 about the minimum wage.

Champion of Change

Doug Garner, head coach of the UT Arlington Movin' Mavs, was honored at the White House this week as a Champion of Change: Disability Advocate, WFAA Channel 8 and KXAS NBC 5 reported. Garner has worked to expand athletic opportunities for everyone on campus.

Nursing alumna appointed

Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed Sherron Meeks to the Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease, the Midland Reporter Telegraph reported. Meeks is a registered nurse and manages the Primary Stroke Center at Midland Memorial Hospital, where she serves as stroke coordinator and critical care unit education coordinator. She received a bachelor of science in nursing from UT Arlington.

Star-gazing opportunities

The ran a listing of star-gazing opportunities for local astronomers, including The Planetarium at The University of Texas at Arlington.