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UTA In The News — Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015

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Climatologist featured

UTA climatologist Arne Winguth will delve into climate change issues live on BBC News with chief correspondent Matthew Price at 10:30 a.m. today. Tune in to the BBC UK, BBC International or BBC News on Facebook and leave your questions at #COP21. Winguth is an associate professor in oceanography, earth and environmental sciences at UTA.

ESPN tributes UTA

The men’s and women’s basketball seasons are in full swing, and national media outlets are noting the excitement. captured that sentiment this week in “An ode to the UT Arlington Mavericks,” noting the “continued awesomeness of UT Arlington.” The men’s team was ranked in the Top 25 this week in the College Insider Mid‑Major Poll and listed high in the RPI rankings. The men's team continued its winning ways pushing its record to 6-2 on the season with a 90-67 win over the University of North Texas Thursday night.

Water decisions

D.J. Seo, UTA associate professor of civil engineering, is creating an integrated decision support tool that will allow water providers to make better decisions about when to turn on pumps to transfer water from one reservoir system to another and when to release water downstream from the reservoirs, Congoo News reported. 

Managed lanes

Research by UTA civil engineering Professor Siamak Ardekani and his doctoral student, Maryam Zabihi, could help transportation agencies determine a toll price that will encourage use of managed lanes without increasing congestion, (e) Science News reported. "If the charge is too little, too many drivers will use the toll lanes and congestion will slow traffic. If the charge is too high, drivers will refuse to use the lanes and they will be underutilized and will not ease congestion," Zabihi explained. Mahmut Yasar, a UTA associate professor of economics, will assist with economic analysis of the data.

Relationship study

A study led by UTA psychology researcher Eric Russell sheds new light on why many heterosexual women develop close friendships with gay men, The Economic Times in India, The Indian Express, the Houston Chronicle and Daily News 7/ reported. Russell, a graduate teaching assistant in the UTA Department of Psychology, says there has never been an empirical study of the circumstances that drive such relationships until now.

Nanotechnology help

Kyungsuk Yum, UTA assistant professor of materials science and engineering, is developing an internal nanotechnology device to simplify blood sugar testing, Print Electronics World reported. Yum’s innovation depends on an injectable, near-infrared, optical biosensor nanotube that would read a person’s blood glucose constantly and an optical glucose scanner that can access the data collected by nanotube. 

Athletic budgets

UTA was cited in a Houston Chronicle article about a new Harvard study that confirms winning in college sports is lucrative.

Alum to retire

UTA alumnus Bill Sumners, director of Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives since 1988, will retire from his post next July, The Baptist Press reported.