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UTA In The News — Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

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KXAS NBC 5 reported on Claimsbuster, a database query system being developed by a UTA computer science engineering professor that flags politicians’ statements by level of importance and helps identify claims that should be verified. Associate professor Chengkai Li is developing the system with Duke and Stanford universities through a National Science Foundation grant.

Checking the brain

Michael Cho, professor and chair of UTA’s Bioengineering Department, is leading a collaborative team with researchers at Old Dominion University, Purdue University and the UTA Research Institute to determine for the first time in real time the mechanisms that cause symptoms of traumatic brain injuries due to blast shockwaves, Rare reported.

Respiratory motion system

RT Magazine reported that Shouyi Wang, an assistant professor in UTA’s Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Department and a data analytics expert, is working to develop a new, personalized respiratory-motion system that leads to a clearer, more precise image of the tumor to be destroyed.

Concrete pipe sustainability

ASTM reported that a new standard will support the sustainability and resiliency of concrete pipes that are reinforced by synthetic fibers. The new standard describes a strong and durable option that can be used for underground piping. Ali Abolmaali (Dr. Tseng Huang Endowed Professor and UTA Civil Engineering Department Chair) was quoted in the article saying, “Although these pipes are buried underground – where they’re not seen and seldom thought of – they help provide a safe and healthy environment for the public.”

CPC gets "green" nod

LawnStarter named UTA’s College Park Center as the “greenest” college basketball arena in America. The $78 million College Park Center, where the men’s basketball, women’s basketball and women’s volleyball teams compete, was opened in 2012 with a gold LEED ranking.