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UTA In The News — Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

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Republican presidential debate

KLIF 570 AM interviewed Allan Saxe, a UTA associate professor of political science, about the sixth GOP debate last night. “I think all the candidates did very well, and I’m not sure whether there was a winner or a loser,” Saxe said. “I think the main issue is this: they’re aiming at Hillary Clinton now and President Obama’s administration, and Chris Christie was extremely powerful in doing that.”

Reaching all students

Michele Bobadilla, senior associate vice president for outreach services and community engagement and assistant provost for Hispanic student success, discussed UTA’s concerted effort to attract first and second generation students in a KERA 90.1 FM piece on college readiness, particularly among low-income students.  The interview, produced for the Texas Standard public radio program, also aired on KUHF 88.7 FM (Houston), KSTX 89.1 FM (San Antonio), and KUT 90.5 FM (Austin).

Lottery psychology

UTA Psychology Professor Daniel Levine was quoted in an Avoision article about why we keep playing the lottery, a seemingly un-winnable game. “Fantasizing about winning the lottery activates the same parts of our brains that would be activated if we actually won,” said Levine, an expert on decision theory and neural networks.

Handwritten letters importance

Reading Rockets reported that a new UTA study published in the journal "The Reading Teacher" found that young children who exchange handwritten letters with extended family members develop stronger connections with those relatives and strengthen their literacy skills. Kathryn Pole, an assistant professor in the UTA College of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, conducted the study. Reading Rockets is a website produced by PBS station WETA (Washington, D.C.).

UTA on advisory board

The advisory board for the Dallas Center for Performance Excellence is made up of leaders from top-flight organizations that include UTA, noted Route Fifty, a website that covers news and innovation in local government across America. The Dallas CPE is an improvement initiative of the city of Dallas.

Arlington ranks on conservative list

The Dallas Business Journal reported a Forbes ranking that lists Arlington as the nation’s sixth most conservative city in the nation as it relates to modern American politics. The article noted that Arlington is home to UTA.