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UTA In The News — Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

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Landfill mining

ASEE First Bell reported on “landfill mining” research led by UTA civil engineering professor Sahadat Hossain that could improve solid waste management on a global scale. Hossain’s team is testing new methods for speeding up the rate at which garbage decomposes while determining whether long buried materials can now be recycled. Researchers also are working to boost the amount of gas generated in the landfill process so that more can be used to power homes. The story initially appeared on KTVT/CBS 11 and KXAS/NBC 5.

Reusable resource

WasteDive reported that UTA and the City of Denton are partnering on the first landfill-mining project in Texas, hoping to discover that the space can be leveraged as a viable, reusable resource.

Caricaturing and culture

Fifteeneightyfour, the Cambridge University Press blog, published the first of three posts by UTA cultural anthropologist Ritu Khanduri, about the works of the great Indian cartoonist R.K. Laxman. Khanduri is the author of “Caricaturing Culture in India (2014),” which used the history of cartoons to examine Indian political culture and society. She also interviewed Laxman for the book.

ClaimBuster tool noted several projects around the world that are exploring ways to make fact-checking faster and smarter through the use of technology. Among the projects, The University of Texas at Arlington has developed a tool called ClaimBuster that can analyze long transcripts of debates and suggest sentences that could be fact-checked.

Band leader

UTA Music Professor and Director of Jazz Studies Tim Ishii served as the featured band clinician during the recent Association of Texas Small School’s Region 7 Jazz Band, the Brownwood News noted.

UTA men's team perfect at home

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and several sports media outlets reported that the UTA men’s basketball team will play its last home game Saturday before embarking on a five-game road trip. The Mavericks haven’t lost at home all season. Other than a five-point victory over Fordham in the season opener, no team has come within 14 points of UTA in the eight home games. 

Sports bargains

The Fort Worth Weekly noted that a UTA men’s basketball game at College Park Center may just be the best value in local sports, given the way that the team has been playing. The item also noted that the WNBA’s Dallas Wings will begin play at College Park Center this summer.