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UTA In The News — Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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Low attention

Med India, Science Daily, Topix, Science Codex,, Medical Xpress and various other media outlets reported that UTA researchers have found that low attention control in early adolescence is related to a genetic risk factor for four different anxiety disorders. Young teens who suffer from anxiety are more vulnerable to additional problems like depression, drug dependence, suicidal behavior and educational underachievement.

Consumer purchases

A new meta-analysis by Narayanan Janakiraman, UTA assistant professor of marketing, shows that return policies that offer consumers more monetary rewards are likely to increase their consumer purchases, Science Daily,,, eScienceNews, Science Newsline, Science Codex reported.

Cartooning in India

The American Bazaar interviewed Ritu Khanduri, UTA associate professor and cultural anthropologist, about cartooning in India. “This is a very interesting time for cartoons in India, and around the world too,” said Khanduri. “In India, cartoons are important enough to demand the President’s attention.”

Mental health treatment

KTVT CBS 11 interviewed Kiva Harper, a UTA assistant professor of social work, about Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk’s decision to enter a mental health treatment center for the third time. Harper says if Hawk is extending her inpatient care, it’s a clear signal that her issues are serious.

State of Israel

Brent Sasley, a UTA associate professor of political science, joined a panel of experts examining the state of Israel with Foreign Affairs.

New academy

The Telegraph (Macon, Ga.) reported on Cirrus Academy, a new state-approved charter school in Macon. Ashanti Johnson, UTA assistant vice provost for faculty recruitment and and associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, has been named as CEO and head of schools at the academy.

Campaign chaos

KOGO 600 AM and KFBK 1530 AM interviewed Allan Saxe, a UTA associate professor of political science, about the decision to fire Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Saxe said the Trump campaign is bringing in new staff due to lagging poll numbers.

Gender and competency

Science Newsline reported that a new study led by UTA communication researcher Dustin Harp found that national news coverage of U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton often emphasizes gender and emotions over competency.

Midnight Poem

eWallstreeter reported that UTA scientists used advanced astronomical software to accurately date lyric poet Sappho's "Midnight Poem," which describes the night sky over Greece more than 2,500 years ago.

Verbal cues

UTA psychologists have discovered that when two strangers meet for the first time, the extent to which they develop mutual understanding depends on how much they talk and ask questions rather than on non-verbal cues such as gestures or exchanging glances, Persuasive Litigator reported.