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UTA In The News — Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

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Best paper winners

A team of electrical engineering professors and students at UTA won three “Best Paper” Awards from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, including the organization’s 2016 Power and Energy Society Prize Paper Award, reported. Assistant Professor Ali Davoudi, Professor Frank Lewis, and doctoral students Vahidreza Nasirian and Josep Guerrero won their first award for the paper in IEEE’s Transactions on Energy Conversion titled, “Distributed Adaptive Droop Control for DC Distribution Systems.”

Walkability study

The Dallas Morning News reported that a team of researchers and doctoral students from the Institute of Urban Studies in UTA’s College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs are embarking on a first-of-its-kind study on the walkability of downtown Dallas.

Improved accuracy

Researchers at UTA and UT Southwestern Medical Center are collaborating on two projects to improve the accuracy of the delivery of cancer radiation therapies and minimize the exposure of healthy tissues, Dallas Innovates reported.

Brainstorming explored

Paul Paulus, UTA Distinguished Professor of Psychology, was quoted in a Fast Code Design article about more effective brainstorming. Paulus and his research team studied effective ways to brainstorm in a work environment. "Just because you throw people together doesn’t mean wonderful things happen. It has to happen in the right way," Paulus said.

Infrastructure solutions

The Longview News-Journal reported a Star-Telegram editorial offering UTA Civil Engineering Professor Sahadat Hossain’s use of plastic pins to alleviate soil shifting as a solution to Texas’ growing infrastructure problem. AP Newswire distributed the editorial from an original Star-Telegram opinion piece.

Sustainable landfills

The Amarillo Globe-News mentioned the partnership between the city of Denton and UTA researchers Sahadat Hossain and Melanie Sattler to create a more sustainable landfill in an article on Amarillo’s landfill issues.

Pre-work week habits

James Campbell Quick, John and Judy Goolsby – Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair in the Goolsby Leadership Academy in the UTA College of Business, was quoted in a Bustle article about what successful people do on Sunday nights to avoid being depressed about the upcoming work week. Quick's suggestion was to write out the things that are bothering you.

UTA value

A Dallas Morning News letter to the editor said that schools like UTA provide a valuable service to students who are seeking education but work full time.