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UTA In The News — Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

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Lou Diamond Phillips

UTA graduate Lou Diamond Phillips spoke with WOAI NBC 4 in San Antonio about his movie Created Equal. Phillips also mentioned his future Maverick Speakers Series appearance Sept. 7 at about four minutes into the segment.

Fake news detection

Mark Tremayne, a UTA assistant professor of communication, said research he is doing with Chengkai Li and Christoph Csaller, UTA associate professors of computer science and engineering, will detect whether a post in social media is generated from a computer bot or a person, KXAS NBC 5 reported. The story said preserving national security and detection of fake news are keys to the research.

Forensics expert

Patricia Eddings, UTA senior lecturer in forensics in criminology and criminal justice and a former forensics specialist for the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, said that creating a child ID kit is a positive move, but there are better things to collect than a clipping of hair and tooth prints, the Star-Telegram reported in a story about what parents might keep in their freezers in case a child disappears.

Fighting malware published an op-ed by Christoph Csallner, an associate professor of computer science and engineering at UTA, about the fight against malware attacks. The column originally appeared in The Conversation.

Pain catastrophizing

The irrational or maladaptive beliefs that pain will never get better are clinically known as pain catastrophizing, said Robert Gatchel, UTA Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Nancy P. & John G. Penson Endowed Professor of Clinical Health Psychology, in a question-and-answer about pain catastrophizing on EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info reported.

Solar eclipse

Houston’s KTRK ABC 13 discussed the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse with UTA space physicist Ramon Lopez. ran the original story. 

Take down monuments

Dallas should take down its confederate monuments, according to a Dallas Morning News editorial. W. Marvin Dulaney, UTA associate history professor emeritus, signed the column, which says the monuments are an affront to African Americans.

Robotics showcase

The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute and the Arlington Public Library is hosting a robotics showcase at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, reported.

Stop ignoring design

The Dallas Museum of Art should stop ignoring design in the city of Dallas, Mark Lamster, architecture critic of The Dallas Morning News and UTA associate professor in practice of architecture, wrote in a Dallas Morning News column. He wrote that the space dedicated to the modern and contemporary design gallery no longer exists.