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New partnership brings UTA in India


photo of Pranesh Aswath and representative from Vellore Institute of Technology


UTA’s global impact is growing thanks to an agreement with India’s Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). The University signed a memo of understanding in September to fast-track VIT’s graduates into a master’s program and conduct faculty exchange for guest lectures in India.

“This alliance with VIT will allow us to send students there to experience education on an international level,” says Pranesh Aswath, senior vice provost for academic planning and policy. “It helps those students become more well-rounded.”

Stephen Mattingly, professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, is leading the alliance at UT Arlington. A key colleague will be Sasanka Bhushan Pulipati (’13 PhD, Civil Engineering), a VIT professor and UTA alumnus.

“These partnerships are critical to provide opportunities for our students to engage with other cultures,” says Dr. Mattingly. “They’re also important to facilitate collaborative education and research opportunities with Indian colleagues in an increasingly global research environment.” UTA and VIT agreed to expand the alliance to mechanical engineering in the future. The agreement allows VIT bachelor’s degree graduates to accelerate their graduate degree attainment to just one year instead of the traditional two to three years.

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