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President's letter updating gas exploration and production program

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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December 14, 2007

To the University Community:

I want to give you an update on the progress of our natural gas exploration and production program.

During the past six weeks, our partner in natural gas drilling, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc., has made significant progress at the drill site at the southeast corner of campus near Pecan and Mitchell Streets. I'm pleased to inform you that the project is progressing as planned and is on schedule.

The site preparation work was completed in early November, which included perimeter fencing, security barriers, and other infrastructure. In late November the drill rig was delivered to the site and erected in just a matter of days. Drilling is now well under way and is expected to continue through the spring semester. The plan is to drill approximately six wells, side-by-side, at this site using the same drill rig.

Additionally, as I have often emphasized, the University is currently committed to drilling at only this one site. Although other potential sites have been identified, the University will not authorize drilling at any other sites until drilling at the first site is complete and the process has been thoroughly reviewed and assessed.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue with this important project. I will communicate with the University community on a regular basis. You may also visit our web site at for the latest information. And you're welcome to contact me directly at

On behalf of everyone here at UT Arlington, I wish each of you a happy holiday season.


James D. Spaniolo
The University of Texas at Arlington


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