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New book explores alternative energy sources

Friday, April 25, 2008

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Media Contact: Sue Stevens

ARLINGTON - Seems these days everyone is talking about the spiraling cost of gasoline and the problems created by America’s dependence on fossil fuel. But University of Texas at Arlington Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Associate Dean of Science Krishnan Rajeshwar does more than just talk. In his new book, “Solar Hydrogen Generation toward a Renewable Energy Future,” he outlines energy sources, like hydrogen, which can be generated from renewable sources such as hydrogen and water.

Rajeshwar edited the book with two other scientists, Robert McConnell of Amonix, Inc. and Stuart Licht of University of Massachusetts, Boston. The text examines strategies for generating hydrogen from sunlight and water in a sustainable way. Authoritative discussions are provided by experts on topics ranging from a description of the solar resource, to electrolysis of water and a solar concentrator pathway to low cost electrolytic hydrogen. It covers thermal/photo hybrid splitting of water, photochemical water splitting, hydrogen generation, inorganic semiconductor-electrolyte interfaces and photo biological schemes for producing hydrogen from water. The book culminates with an analysis of a coupled water electrolyzer-solar photovoltaic system for the centralized production of hydrogen.

The book’s literature citation is extensive and comprehensive in each chapter and it provides a broad perspective of the rapid developments in an important aspect of energy science and technology. The material covered originates from a spectrum of disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, chemical and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science. Visit for more information or contact Rajeshwar at


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