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CNC programming, machine shop math courses now offered

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Media Contact: Cassandra Smith

ARLINGTON - The University of Texas at Arlington’s Division of Continuing Education will offer a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming Certificate Course starting in June.

The program will consist of six classes scheduled so that participants may complete the certificate in six to eight months. The initial courses are: Machine Shop Mathematics, Blue Print Reading, CNC Programming Lathe Level I, CNC Programming Lathe Level II, CNC Programming Mill Level I and CNC Programming Mill Level II.

Recognizing the need for more CNC training programs, the Division worked with Stan Demke, applications manager at Intertech Machine Tool Sales and the lead instructor for the program, to develop five courses to help the industry bring apprenticeship-style training to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Working in this field, Demke realizes the need for basic machine shop math skills and CNC programming skills courses in the area.

“I was an instructor for both CNC Programming and a Manual Machinist Apprenticeship program for five years at a college in Canada before relocating to Fort Worth three years ago,” said Demke. “Many individuals on the shop floor level would find it difficult to calculate either tap drill size for a certain thread, or calculate the OD of a machine screw without looking at a chart.”

The Machine Shop Math course will address these skill enhancements as well as the basics necessary for calculating speeds, feeds, SFPM, calculate measuring over wires for thread sizes, right angle trig, helix angles of threads and much more.

The CNC programming courses were developed for programmers who want to learn correct terminology and understand how the machine reads the code. Participants will learn safe and effective ways to program using absolute and incremental programming, modal and non-modal commands, preparatory code groups, miscellaneous functions, use of cutter compensation including tool nose compensation and tip control for the lathe. Canned cycles for drilling, tapping, boring, turning, and grooving will also be utilized in the classes.

The CNC programming courses and the Machine Shop Math course are all part of a certificate program.

Contact Deborah Dehn or Cassandra Smith at (817) 272-2581 or visit for more information about this and other Continuing Education courses.


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