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Completion phase beginning for gas wells on UT Arlington campus

Monday, August 4, 2008

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Media Contact: Sue Stevens

ARLINGTON - Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc. has announced that the well completion phase for the six gas wells drilled on the southeast corner of The University of Texas at Arlington campus will begin the week of August 11. Carrizo estimates that this process will take 30 to 45 business days, with production facilities expected to be complete by mid-to-late September.

Well completion includes a process known as fracturing, which involves pumping a mixture of water and sand at high pressure into the wells to stimulate the gas flow to the surface. The University is working with Carrizo to ensure minimal impact on the community. To conserve water used during fracking, much of the used water will be collected and trucked to a reclamation facility. Necessarily, this will temporarily increase traffic around the site. To minimize disruption, Carrizo will follow only surface road routes approved by the City of Arlington for this specific purpose and will not take other routes through the neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Once the well completion phase is successfully finished and gas is flowing, the production and transportation phase begins. Pipelines known as gathering pipelines that transport gas from the site to market are typically constructed specifically for that purpose. With the wells located on the UT Arlington campus, however, Carrizo has developed a plan unique to Tarrant County, and already approved by the Arlington City Council, to utilize a pipeline located primarily within existing utility routes that contain similar equipment and infrastructure. This will significantly reduce the need to construct pipelines on private property and will make the process of transporting the gas from well to market more efficient. Carrizo estimates that this process will take 30 to 45 business days, with completion anticipated by late September.

Visit for additional information on the development of UT Arlington's natural gas resource.


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