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Final completion stage for gas wells at UT Arlington under way; production will utilize innovative delivery system and restrictive noise controls

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Media Contact: Sue Stevens

ARLINGTON - Carrizo Oil & Gas has completed the process of fracture, stimulating the gas flow to the surface, at the gas well site near the southeast corner of The University of Texas at Arlington campus. The well completion phase is almost complete, and it is anticipated that natural gas will be flowing soon. The final activity in the well completion phase includes the process of flowback and flaring.

During the flowback process, water used for the fracing is extracted from the wells and transported off-site to an approved reclamation facility, and the natural gas begins to flow to the surface. As the natural gas reaches the surface, each well goes through a controlled process called flaring. This routine process typically takes about 24 to 48 hours per well, and the entire flaring process for the six wells at this site is expected to take from two to five days to complete. Flaring will begin Saturday, Sept. 20. During this time, Carrizo advises, it is likely that a flame from apparatus inside the well site will be visible from outside the well site. This is standard practice within the natural gas industry and is entirely safe. As part of Carrizo’s emergency preparedness plan, the company’s highly skilled and trained staff will coordinate the flaring operation with the Arlington Fire Department.

As soon as the well completion phase is finished, Carrizo will begin the production and transportation phase, which is the final phase in the development process. During this phase, gas is extracted from the wells and delivered via pipelines to market. Carrizo has developed an innovative plan — believed to be unique in Tarrant County and in accordance with existing local city laws — in cooperation with a local pipeline company to utilize existing utility routes that already contain similar equipment and infrastructure. This has reduced the need to construct pipelines on private property and is making the process of getting gas from the wells to market much more efficient.

Following the production and transportation phase, construction will be completed on a small compressor station that will serve Carrizo and that could serve other companies, if needed. UT Arlington is requiring that sound from the compressor station not exceed existing levels of ambient sound levels in the area (typical sound levels calculated before this facility is installed). This requirement is more restrictive than the noise requirements established by City of Arlington ordinances. To help control levels of sound at the source, the compressor station will be powered by an electric motor, which is believed to be the first such station in the Barnett Shale. The compressor station will be a compact facility enclosed by a brick wall, and the entire site will be landscaped once the facility is complete.

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