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New management course teaches 'emotional leadership' skills

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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ARLINGTON - Equipping tomorrow's business leaders with the tools needed to be successful involves conveying the emotional leadership skills that can be practically applied to all kinds of business situations, management experts say.

James Campbell "Jim" Quick, the John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington, is teaming up with Prashant Ranade, a former Siemens senior executive, to teach a new master's level course this semester that aims to provide students with emotional leadership proficiencies. They believe that knowledge of emotional leadership translates into effective leadership.

"It isn't a one-size-fits all business world," said Quick, who is using Ranade's Web-based platform and modules to help teach the class. "Future leaders need to be able to adapt. Part of that is becoming a resonant and emotional leader."

Quick and Ranade said the course will graft the best worlds of classroom learning and business experience with Web-based instruction. They said the course will develop leaders specific to each student's need within their organizations.

Ranade is an entrepreneur and currently serves on the board of two companies. He most recently was president and chief executive officer for Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Inc., a firm of about 5,500 employees and more than $1.6 billion in revenue.

"What's missing in more programs is the ability for the student to translate what was learned into what can be used in their work situation," Ranade said. "We don't want a learner to memorize how to fix something. We want them to come up with an actionable blueprint as to how to apply those concepts to their environment.

"The law of gravity is universal but how it is applied changes," Ranade explained. "We want to arm them with applications they can put in practice for personal development as well as to improve business performance."

Quick and Ranade said the advantage in this method is that there is an immediate use for the application in the classroom and on the job. "It includes interaction between students and the instructor to make the learning relevant," said Ranade of the Web-based platform and its contents, which were three years in the making.

Students will embrace parts of psychology and organizational behavior during the semester.

Quick said each student will work through 10 in-depth Emotional Leadership modules developed by Ranade. Those modules look at the students' self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. It charts the student's self-evaluation and how others see the student in those various areas.

Quick said emotional leadership has become so important to future leaders and their ultimate performance that he has included some aspect of it in every class he teaches.


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