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Faculty experts available to comment on Lance Armstrong stories

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Media Contact: Traci Peterson

News Topics: business, faculty, psychology, sports

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As Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah airs this week, UT Arlington professors can help reporters with story angles. Please call our office at 817-272-2761 to arrange an interview.

William Ickes

William Ickes

What's the advantage to coming clean?

William Ickes, a professor of psychology at UT Arlington, says research shows that a public confession of wrongdoing often does make the person look better to others. However, Armstrong's long history of denial and trying to discredit those implicating him might complicate things.

"The public may be likely to see him as an untrustworthy liar who will tell the truth only when it appears he has no other viable option — not exactly the kind of behavior we expect from our sports heroes," he said.

Learn more about Dr. Ickes here:

Traci Freling

Traci Freling

What effect could this have on Armstrong's personal brand and the brands he has endorsed in the past?

Traci Freling, an assistant professor of marketing at UT Arlington, is an expert in consumer psychology, brand appeal and brand management.

"Other celebrities and professional athletes like Tiger Woods have faced scandals and had some success in repairing their images. However, this situation is different because Lance Armstrong is no longer competing as an elite cyclist and his transgressions are in his arena of competition---not his personal life. My guess is that Lance Armstrong's days as an endorsement darling are over," she said.

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