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Former, current UTA formula racing students to travel to Great Britain

Friday, July 6, 2018 • Media Contact: Herb Booth

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Former and current UTA formula racing students are traveling to the United Kingdom to participate July 13-15 in the 20th anniversary of the inaugural Formula Student United Kingdom event held at Silverstone Circuit, United Kingdom.

Former FSAE students will race the original 1998 car that UTA still has.

FSAE old cars

The UTA FSAE current and 1998 teams are traveling to Great Britain to take part in opening festivities in the Great Britain Grand Prix. The 1998 car, pictured second from the left on the bottom row, will race.

“UTA won the inaugural Formula Student UI event held in England in 1998,” said Bob Woods, FSAE sponsor and professor of mechanical engineering. “Since this is the 20th anniversary of the event, they are inviting all of the champions. I told them we’d be happy to come if we could bring the 1998 car and the 1998 drivers, and our current car and students.”

The hosts agreed to the terms. Woods said the students have reconditioned the 1998 car and given it a few updates. He said American Airlines Cargo has partnered with UTA to ship both cars to England in a crate.

“We’re really looking forward to this opportunity,” Woods said. “It is bringing up a lot of memories.”

Woods joined UTA’s College of Engineering in 1974 and has developed one of the most successful student racing programs in the country. The student racing is part of the British Grand Prix festivities this year, which is held July 5-8. As an additional enticement, Woods said the racing officials have arranged for UTA to have a drag race on the main straight of the legendary Silverstone Formula One racetrack during the weekend of the F1 race in England. 

The 1998 UTA car will do a 100-meter drag race with last year's winner from Cardiff University in Wales.

“The Formula One race gets worldwide television coverage, and they often air special events related to the weekend's activities,” Woods said. “It’s just a really special treat for the students.”

UTA students and an FSAE racecar

Some former UTA students are seen here with a recent FSAE racecar. Current and former students are traveling to Great Britain to race against Cardiff University.

UTA’s FSAE, or Formula Society of Automotive Engineering, program has a storied past. Dating back 45 years, UTA has taken many international and national awards. The program has debuted innovative changes in the automotive industry, including wings to reduce drag and an all-electric FSAE racecar.

Formula student racing in the United Kingdom is one of the world’s largest student engineering design competition.