UTA In The News — Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday, Jan 25, 2019 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Investigator award

Mercy Mumba, assistant professor in University of Alabama’s Capstone College of Nursing, was honored with the Southern Nursing Research Society's Early Science Investigator Award, which is given annually to a nurse scientist who shows potential to develop a sustained program of research to enhance nursing science and practice, U.S. Fed News reported. Mumba earned her bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in nursing from UTA.

Team discovers snake species

A UTA team has named a new species of snake discovered in the stomach of another snake, Live Science reported. Jonathan Campbell, herpetologist and biology professor, led the research group.

Medical help

A UTA team of bioengineers is working to develop a method that will allow physicians to repair vaginal prolapses while they are in their early stages, potentially avoiding surgery and other complications, Medicalnewser.com, Medicine newsline and BioPortfolio reported.

Alumna named to board

Deborah Messemer was appointed to PayPal Holdings' board of directors, Investment Weekly News reported. Messemer earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from UTA.

Board appointment

Robert Morris has been appointed to the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District board of directors, the Mountain News of Lake Arrowhead, Calif., reported. Morris has a bachelor’s degree in biology from UTA.

New manager named

Darryl Brewer, owner of Magic Carwash & Detail, has been named the new economic development manager of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Business Press reported. Brewer holds a bachelor’s degree in business and communications from UTA.