UTA In The News — Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday, Feb 01, 2019 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Genome Center highlighted

At the UTA’s North Texas Genome Center, researchers are using multimillion dollar machines to sequence human DNA, Dallas Innovates reported in a profile about the facility.

Emergency responder help

UTA is working with Newcastle Manufacturing to equip unmanned aerial vehicles with lights to illuminate nighttime crime and accident scenes for emergency responders, Dallas Innovates reported.

Medical help for women

Yi Hong, an associate professor in UTA’s Bioengineering Department, is leading an interdisciplinary team that will use a National Institutes of Health grant to develop a new method for treating a vaginal prolapse, which could prevent complications and improve the quality of life of thousands of women, SpecialChem reported.

Earth-spanning cataclysm

New research reveals that little life could have endured the Earth-spanning cataclysm known as the Great Dying, but plants may have suffered its wrath long before many animal counterparts, Bioengineer.org reported. Arne Winguth and Cornelia Winguth from UTA’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences collaborated on the University of Nebraska-led study.

Diabetes research

UTA doctoral student Benjamin Young received an American Heart Association grant to support research that pinpoints underlying mechanisms of impaired blood sugar control in Type 2 diabetes patients, Medical Xpress reported.

Chawla remembered

Kalpana Chawla, an astronaut who died in the 2003 Challenger disaster, was remembered and profiled on the anniversary of that tragedy in News World India, Mid-day.com, LatestLY.com, Daily Hunt and several other media outlets. Chawla, the first woman astronaut of Indian origin, earned her master’s degree in aerospace engineering from UTA.

Office betting pools

James Campbell Quick, UTA business professor, said Super Bowl betting in an office pool can be ethical if it doesn’t cross management lines and doesn’t interfere with getting work done, KTVT CBS 11 reported in a story about those office pools.

Alumna profiled

Mercy Mumba, an assistant professor in the Capstone College of Nursing, was profiled in the Zambian Observer. Mumba received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from UTA.

Public school finance

Allan Saxe, UTA associate professor of political science, told KLIF 570 AM listeners that the Texas public school funding dilemma is a challenge that lawmakers have been struggling with for several decades.