UTA In The News — Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday, May 08, 2019 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Depression and heart health

A study led by Jody Greaney, a UTA assistant professor of kinesiology, found that among adults with depression, those who had experienced stress in the previous 24 hours had worse endothelial function—a process that helps regulate blood flow—than those with depression alone, Medical News Line and MedIndia reported.

ROI ranking

College Consensus named UTA as one of the best online colleges for return on investment on its 2019 list, WBOC CBS 16 (Maryland) reported.

UV impacts

Manfred Cuntz, an astrobiologist and professor of physics at UTA, said UV radiation can be friend or foe when it comes to the origin of life, Forbes reported. In a piece on detectable surface life on thawing exomoons, Cuntz said UV exposure can destroy life, but also act as an ingredient for its initiation.

Community landscaping

Kevin Sloan, a professor of architecture at UTA and Dallas-based landscape architect, provided perspective on the era of cities hiring “starchitect” landscapers to transform outdoor spaces, the Dallas Observer reported. Sloan said cities discovered that images of spectacular new architectural work and landscaping could be circulated around the world to position a city as a “cultural player.”

Coral health

A team of researchers, including UTA Professor and Associate Chair of biology Laura Mydlarz, are conducting an investigation to learn about the pathology of the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease ravaging the coral of the U.S. Virgin Islands, The St. Croix Source reported.

Controlling anger

Catheleen Jordan, a professor in the School of Social Work at UTA, suggests that people should know their own signs of escalating anger and how to use deep breathing to regain control before their anger erupts, Reader’s Digest Canada reported in a story about how to control anger.