UTA In The News — Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, Jun 10, 2019 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Astronaut memory

Hanli Liu, a UTA bioengineering professor, is using a grant from NASA to study the use of near-infared laser light on the brain in an effort to improve astronauts’ cognitive and memory function during space missions, Defense & Aerospace Daily reported.

iTunes expert

David Arditi, UTA associate professor of sociology, said iTunes changed the recording industry by creating a market for single songs instead of whole albums, Knowledge@Wharton reported in a story based on Arditi’s recent interview on the K@W radio show on SiriusXM. Knowledge@Wharton is produced and hosted by The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Arditi joined the program to discuss Apple’s decision to shut down the iTunes platform.

First impressions

Wayne Crawford, UTA assistant professor of management, said people make first impressions at a remarkable speed that is not always easily reversible, the Fort Worth Business Press reported. Crawford is an expert in impression management and work-life interface.