UTA In The News — Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Help with ALS

Jingsong Zhou, UTA professor of kinesiology, is investigating the theory that ALS affects the physiology of the whole body through defective cells in multiple organs, Scienmag and BioPortfolio reported.

Flood prevention

UTA’s Nick Fang, an assistant professor in civil engineering, is organizing, coordinating and analyzing regional drainage in a nine-county southeast Texas area, Targeted News Service and Mirage News reported. One of Fang’s expertise areas is flood prevention.

Arlington makes startup list

The COMMERCIALCafé ranked Arlington as the 19th best place in the nation for startups and entrepreneurs. The list said UTA is a notable driver of entrepreneurship. Dallas Innovates also ran the story.

New anti-cancer technology

UTA physics Professor Wei Chen and a team of international collaborators has proposed using titanium dioxide nanoparticles stimulated by microwaves to trigger the death of cancer cells without damaging the normal cells around them, TVN reported.

New zoning thinking

Cities are starting to question an American ideal—a house with a yard on every lot, an interactive story in The New York Times reported. Some governmental entities are considering banning straight single-family zoning. In the article, Arlington—home of UTA, which the article said was surrounded by denser land use—was offered as an example with 89% of residential land zoned for detached single-family homes.

Wheelchair basketball tourney

U.S. Paralympians who played for the Movin’ Mavs are returning to campus as part of the 2019 Toyota USA Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Showdown featuring Team USA, Team Japan, Team Spain and a local team that includes members of the Movin’ Mavs, Mirage News reported.

Health care help

The Australian Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre recruited UTA, other U.S. universities and businesses to work on a predictive analytics module to address health care issues, Healthcare Innovation reported.

New principal

Tricia Lyday was named new principal at Frazier Elementary in Burleson school district, the Cleburne Times Review reported. Lyday earned her master’s degree in educational leadership from UTA.

Alumna profiled

Alana Jackson, a senior project management expert, was featured in a Dallas Weekly mini-profile. Jackson received her bachelor’s degree in finance from UTA.