UTA In The News — Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Contact

future mavericks

UT Arlington held a special drive-thru event for its newest freshmen, reported FOX 4, NBC 5 and CBS 11. It was the first time UTA has held such an event, which featured a DJ, balloons and cheering student leaders along with giveaways that were safely distributed in cars.

UTA adapting to COVID

UT Arlington ranked in the top tier of universities that have successfully adapted to life and learning during the COVID-19 crisis, The Dallas Morning News  reported. Educate to Career, a California-based education nonprofit, ranked four-year schools into tiers based on factors including in-classroom instruction, quality and experience with online learning and others.

COVID medication

Erick Jones, professor of industrial, manufacturing and systems engineering at UTA, is working to develop a rapid-response supply chain designed to quickly deliver COVID-19 medications, once they are available, to vulnerable urban populations in Texas, Health & Medicine Business Daily reported. UTA, the city of Houston and the National Science Foundation are collaborating on the project.

music business

David Arditi, UTA assistant professor of sociology, was a guest on the podcast, Ipse Dixit, where he discussed his new book, "Getting Signed: Record Contracts, Musicians, and Power in Society," and the music business from the perspective of a musician. Arditi explained how "getting signed" compels musicians to pursue record contracts that may not in their best interest and how audio streaming has changed the music business.