UTA In The News — Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020

Scholarship opportunities

The University of Texas at Arlington is expanding its ongoing commitment to students and families by ensuring an additional investment of $25 million in scholarships over the next five years, beginning with the fall 2021 term, the Fort Worth Business Press reported.

Nursing programs

An Inside Higher Ed column explains why many college nursing programs have low enrollment and offers possible ways of boosting the numbers. The column says there are exceptions to that like UT Arlington where 3,563 earned bachelor’s degrees in nursing in 2017-18.

Alumna’s business featured

WFAA ABC 8 featured UT Arlington graduate Amber Johnson and her fashion business, Jamber, on Good Morning Texas.

Reparations explored

A Generocity.com story about reparations for slavery and racial segregation in America quotes from a 2017 research paper written by Krystal Beamon, a UT Arlington sociology professor. The paper states that movements that seek reparations against racial injustices must confront historic narratives of events and patterns of repression. These injustices are often legitimated through official narratives that discredit and vilify racial groups.