UTA In The News — Friday, October 9, 2020

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Debate fact checking

Stephen E. Maizlish, associate professor of history at UTA, told PolitiFact he doesn’t think there is a definitive answer to why Abraham Lincoln waited until after the 1864 election to seek confirmation of his nomination to succeed Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Taney. The issue was prompted by Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ assertion in a recent debate that the delay was high-minded, an attempt by Lincoln to allow the American people to speak first.

Rethinking sensor framework

A pair of computer scientists at UTA is working to create a framework for businesses that would encourage the owners of existing sensors to share their data through the cloud, reducing the cost for everyone, NewsRx Life Science Daily reported. Hong Jiang, professor and chair of UTA’s Computer Science and Engineering Department, and computer science Professor Hao Che have received a three-year, $499,658 grant from the National Science Foundation for their research.