UTA In The News — Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021 • Media Contact :

Graduate fellowship started

Laxmi and Raj Mrig have endowed a $100,000 graduate fellowship for UT Arlington electrical engineering students, U.S. Fed News and Targeted News Service reported. Laxmi Mrig earned his master's degree at UTA.


Analyzing machine learning

Jeff Lei, a University of Texas at Arlington computer scientist, has earned a three-year, $385,000 grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to analyze both how machine learning systems make decisions and what happens when they make wrong ones, U.S. Fed News reported.


MOOCs potential

Large-scale online courses called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) can get millions of registered users over time. But one online learning pioneer, Stephen Downes, says that these free resources are not living up to their full potential to help students and professors, EdSurge reported. Downes has a special relationship to MOOCs. He co-taught the very first one, back in 2008, with George Siemens, who is now the executive director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab at The University of Texas at Arlington. Their course inspired both the term MOOCs and a whole new industry.


Children's vaccination
Erin Carlson, UT Arlington director of graduate public health programs in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, said it’s important to vaccinate children during this pandemic, Texas Public Radio reported. The story originally aired on KERA 90.1 FM and KERAnews.org and also appeared in Yahoo!Life.